Emily Delamater Photography
We have been documenting love for over 12 years and have been lucky to have shot throughout New England, across the country and internationally. We live in the mountains of Maine with our kiddos Rowan and Leo and our kitty Lolly plus 5 chickens that refuse to lay eggs but we love them anyway. When we’re not shooting weddings, we are usually in the garden or cooking with friends. We travel whenever we can, picnic at the beach whenever possible, and snuggle on couches with books.

We’ve shot all kinds of weddings but our favorites are intimate weddings with lots of character. Many times when we get an email from a couple they describe wanting their wedding to feel more like a big beautiful dinner party than a traditional wedding. They’ve chosen a place that means something to them and people who they love most to be there. Weddings are incredibly personal and intimate and we believe they should be captured that way.