When I first started planning events, they were always for people I personally knew. I crafted each event with such care and consideration for their story, and loved tying in personal elements through the art of design. Now, 10 years later, I continue to plan events for our clients with the same process of personalization.

I am inspired by connection, togetherness and believe the single greatest joy in life is being surrounded by the ones you love.

My entertaining and design journey started a long time ago. Growing up, I was blessed with a household that loved celebrating and had no problem hosting a fancy dinner party on a casual Tuesday night. I will never forget the feeling of helping my Nana and Mom put out our finest china, silver, crystal, and linens for our table settings at home. When I set each beautiful table at our events, I get a sense of nostalgia and gratitude because I know the togetherness and joy it will bring.

Maine wedding planner