Mark McCall Maine Wedding Photographer

This may seem odd, but I don't see myself as a wedding photographer. I have photographed more weddings than I can count in over twenty years. But I'm not a "Wedding Photographer". I like to think of myself as a documentary photographer. Wedding photojournalism is also a term that is used quite a bit these days. But I was doing it before it had a name. I don't show up with a list to check off. I don't spend my time spreading your jewelry on the floor, hanging your dress in the woods or arranging your rings delicately on flower petals. But I'm always looking for something.

Throughout the day I place my attention on the people. Parents, siblings, old & new friends. Laughing, hugging, crying & dancing. No formula, no plan. I observe & react to the unscripted play unfolding in front of me. And I go wherever the story leads.

I'm ready to tell your story whenever you are